Women’s Triathlon Club

For over two decades the club has been the first step on an
exciting fitness journey for hundreds of women interested in
staying fit with swimming, biking, and running activities in a
supportive and motivating women's only training environment.

The club's experienced coaching staff provides a
comprehensive support structure that covers all aspects
of training-, racing-, season-planning, and related logistics.

Our flexible programs and broad activities schedule allows
for all ages and abilities, first-timers and seasoned athletes
alike to share and enjoy a healthy active life-style.

Join other like-minded women and start you journey
toward your personal fitness goals -- today.

  • Weekly Group Training Sessions -- Informal Training Groups
  • Self-Paced Workouts -- Fun Socials and Training Related Activities


Spring Training
14 Weeks
Mar 21st - Jun 26th, 2016
Summer Training
13 Weeks
Jul 18th - Oct 16th, 2016
Winter Training
10 Weeks
Starts on Jan 4th, 2016
Mini Camps
Death Valley Trip
Mar 2016
Goal Setting Social
Feb 2016

469 First Timers -- 1,184 Individual Race Starts

260 Age Group Wins -- 479 Age Group Podiums
40 Overall Race Wins -- 187 Overall Race Top-10
16 Relay Starts -- 10 Podiums -- 4 Overall Wins

79 USATriathlon National Championships Starts
2 AG Wins -- 25 AG Podiums -- 34 AG T-10

59 Team USA Qualifications
47 Team USA Starts in 10 Countries on 3 Continents
3 ITU World Championship AG Wins
4 ITU World Championships AG Podiums
21 ITU World Championships AG T-10